Internet and the Web does not stop transforming and emerging. The Social Networks are the ultimate revolution and we will soon see how Internet will transform itself into our desktop wherefrom we will access to specific services and collaborate and interact with our contact network. sixjumps offers consulting services and specific application development focussed on Social Networks helping our clients to define a strategy to expose his brands, products and services inside these most attractive user communities.

Its not yet enough to have a Website just beening present, today you have to present in the social networks...

Hot News regarding Social Networks

Real Estates Spain available on facebook

facebook users can now access "Real Estates" an Real Estates application developed by Spain based sixjumps. This Facebook application offers powerful search mechanisms for Real Estates for sale or rent offering impressive information views integrating with Google maps and nice statistics


Facebook in Spanish and German!
Now we can enjoy facebook in Spanish and German. The only thing we need that the applications we use also support these languages.To change your language at Facebook we have to click on the link "account" that you can find at the upper right corner and then on the drop down "Language" to select your favourite language.

Social Shopper available on facebook

The social eCommerce application "Social Shopper" developed by Spain based sixjumps is now available at facebook. The application allows its users to maintain lists of products and its comments that can be shown as list, blog or timeline.

OpenSocial and the exponential growth of Plaxo

The following chart shows the growth that Plaxo experienced after announcing that they will support gadgets based on OpenSocial standard. The numbers are really impressive and show the importance of OpenSocial and Social Networks today.